Minimize Risk In Investment

Welcome to the world of investment, the world that has the potential to provide you with lots of gains but at the same time loss and a place with lots of risks. It’s all about how you balance risk to not incur more loss.

Here are a few tips for you to help you make smart decisions for investment and lower the risk.

Conduct your due diligence

Like we check the brand and material of cloth before buying it, we need to understand the fundamentals of a company such as earning, growth, paid-up capital, PE ratio and price to book value ratio before buying its share.

The decision made by analysing the fundamentals will help you minimise your investment loss.


Portfolio diversification is the process of selecting a variety of investments within each asset class to help you minimize your investment risk.

Diversification across asset classes may also help lessen the impact of major market swings on your portfolio.

Mutual fund assessment

Finally, you can also run through the investment decisions of various mutual funds, what scripts are they buying or selling, whether they are increasing their cash position or stocks position, and even the script holdings of all mutual funds as a whole.

Assessing the mutual fund will help you understand the market scenario better.

(You can analyse the mutual funds by registering here)

Monitor regularly

After considering the above-mentioned factors, you need to regularly monitor your portfolio. Even if you are a long term investor, you should not invest in shares once and leave them on their own. Monitor your portfolio regularly and keep a watch on your portfolio’s performance and do periodic reviews.

Regular monitoring will help you in making a better decision regarding your shares!

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  • Smart Wealth Pro

    I used to follow newsletters regularly too. And the predictions were quite accurate. Moreover, it was very easy to do broker analysis, fundamental analysis and we could retrive data easily. Personally for me, Smart Wealth Pro had been my guide for MBA assignments as my specialization was finance. I booked lot of profit following the predictions of newsletter mostly.

    Suprima Poudel

    "Assistant Director" – Nepal Rastra Bank
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    Smart Wealth Pro has really impressed me with their innovative features that helps to analyze company performance in an unprecedented manner. Easy-to-use, high-quality analysis you can trust, and the interface is very user-friendly. I would recommend this for any traders looking for a new way to analyze the share market data.

    Jayant Srivastav

    General Manager, Siprabi Securities Pvt Ltd - Broker 22
  • Smart Wealth Pro

    Smart Wealth Pro is a comprehensive solution for analyzing companies on the Nepalese stock exchange. Its Advanced Chart includes all the tools a professional technical analyst requires to conduct a technical assessment of stocks. Other than technicals, its Market Visualization tools are quite helpful to comprehend the market's major moves. It also facilitates fundamental screening of the companies and enables comparison of companies based on their key financials, ratios, dividend, etc.

    Sudish Acharya

    MBA Technical Analyst, IMFA Global Trainer
  • Smart Wealth Pro

    Smart wealth pro, is an outstanding application to analyze your stock market port- folio in a simplistic way as it says. Likewise, it covers all dimensions of investment analysis; from fundamental to technical, from an individual company to market as a whole and so on. Most of the information are customized according to your investment goal and the interface is easy to handle. Furthermore, it helps diverse communities like; finance students, faculties, researchers, traders and investors to understand, analyze, predict and make rational decision in the area of stock market.

    Durga Prasad Acharya

    Academic Head (Finance), Mid-Valley International College, Gyaneswor, Kathmandu
  • Smart Wealth Pro

    Smart Wealth Pro (SWP) is very helpful for investors and traders. We have been using SWP for the past four months and it has helped us a lot. With the help of SWP, we are able to get enough data that helps us to know the financial position and valuation of the company. Features like company screening, broker analysis and stock screener have helped us a lot to enhance our knowledge. Technical charts and beta value are also available in SWP making it a perfect combo for traders too. We recommend everyone to use SWP as it is very helpful and very reasonable.


    Stock Market Practitioner

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